Friday, May 27, 2011

Brain Mush

I've always said that you lose brain cells with every child born. But I have come to learn that although that is true, deployment is much harder on your brain cell count. Now that we end this year long deployment, I find my brain is mush. You know that soggy hot cereal consistency that melts everything together so that nothing is really working quite right. And I have extensive research on this topic.

  • Going to pick up hay, I hooked up the trailer to the truck, loaded the kids and took off. As I came out of the driveway and made the turn onto the road my trailer jumped off the hitch and was free loading. Thank goodness I did remember to hook on the chains even though I forgot to latch the ball and hitch.
  • We live near nothing. So forgetting something at home is not a good idea. But I arrived at the orthodontist appointment without my purse. That's right folks, I forgot my entire purse! The tricky part here is that I had very little diesel left and needed to fill up. So I dropped my son off at his appointment and prayed all the way home and back to town that my diesel would be enough to get me to the gas station. It did, thank God!
  • I recently purchased a new vehicle. During loan paperwork I actually forgot how much the car was being sold for and processed my loan for $1300 too little! Good gracious.
  • Then I have been to the DMV three times already to get plates on it and I keep forgetting a different paper each time. One day I will have plates on my car.
  • This past week I have managed to get to town without the diaper bag enough times, that I now have a large enough supply of size 3 diapers that I won't need to buy anymore until he moves up to a size 4. God's way of telling me I don't need to be doing cloth diapers at this point in my life I guess.
  • I make almost everything from scratch, and spaghetti sauce is a family favorite. So when I make it, I make a big pot of it and freeze the remainder for other meals. But that only works when you remember to actually put it in the freezer. I've had to dump many forgotten pots of food this year. :(
  • And let's not forget how many times I've left my cell phone at home. Forgotten birthdays. Misplaced my keys, all three sets of them. Completely missed meeting a friend. Forgot to pay bills, you know, important ones like the electric. And found things in the car I thought I mailed weeks ago.
And if my memory serves me well, my husband will come home soon and my brain with him.


Heavens_Alley said...

I love your blogs and think you are seriously one of the strongest women I know! I am so glad that you think your brain will return with your husband.. I fear mine is just gone!!

Felicia said...

Yea, well on my post-children brain will hopefully return with my hubby. LOL