Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Cavalry is Coming!

Spurs, cowboy hats, and white horses! Well . . . more like combat boots, patrol hats, and buses, but who's paying attention.

So as the final days before my husband's return home, what am I doing?? Checking my to-do list!

I am a project person. So of course I'm running around trying to finish up all these projects I started before he comes home. Then there is the everyday "stuff" on my list. And let's not forget the beautifying process.

So my projects include organizing the milk room, finish de-cluttering the house, and add a few last touches to my re-decorating projects. The everyday "stuff" has to be maintained to avoid chaos. Plus I don't want my hubby coming home to a disaster. And I haven't seen my husband in an year with the exception of 2 weeks in January, so I want him to be happy with what he sees. Thus begins the hair fixin', nail paintin', and clothes shoppin'!

So off I go to complete the tasks before me.


Melinda R said...

Honestly, you could be wearing a barrel with your hair wrapped in toilet paper and the house looking like a tornado hit it and he wouldn't care! he'll just be so happy to be home and see you guys!

Felicia said...

Possibly true, but I would be a nervous wreck and no fun to be around.

Toni Patterson said...

I think we all do the same thing! I know I was a nightmare to be around because I was so focused on getting my house clean before my husband came home! Congrats!! :)